Tactical Global Equity Portfolios

The QID Tactical Global Equity portfolio is a long only, tactically defensive equity strategy that provides investors with broad exposure to both U.S. and international equities. The portfolio is a combination of the Tactical U.S. Equity strategy and the Tactical International strategy.

The target allocation for the U.S. sleeve of the portfolio is 60%, and 40% for the international sleeve. The U.S. equity sleeve is comprised of major sector and sub-sector ETFs representing the U.S. economy, while the international sleeve is constructed with five ETFs representing Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), Japan, and the emerging markets.
Each sleeve of the portfolio is managed independently and maintains its own defensive strategy. As with the standalone U.S. equity strategy, the U.S. portion of the portfolio will begin to build a defensive position once a certain number of sectors are signaled “off”, and will go 100% defensive when nine or more sectors are no longer owned. Within the international sleeve of the portfolio, a defensive position will begin to build as each regional/country ETF is sold and the sleeve will go 100% defensive once all international ETFs are sold.

The Tactical Global Equity portfolio trades the next trading day after a signal is received unless there has been a trade on the same position within “trade date plus 3 trading days” (T+3). The minimum account size is $100,000.